Conservative mobilizations in Central Eastern Europe in transnational perspective

CEFRES invites all to an International Conference over two days:

By focusing on “conservative mobilizations”, this conference will strive to go beyond the traditional separation between social movements, political fields, and the history of political ideas and reflect upon the “intermediate” spaces of production, reception and circulation of conservative ideas at national and transnational levels.
– Conservative mobilizations in Central Eastern Europe in transnational perspective –
Thursday/Friday 8-9 December 2022
» CEFRES Library, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1, and online (links are given hereafter)

» organized by CEFRES in partnership with the Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, Research Group (GDR) CNRS “Connaissance de l’Europe médiane” and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research – Programme PARCECO

» Convenors Valentin Behr (CNRS, Centre Européen de Sociologie et de Science Politique) & Anemona Constantin (CEFRES / Charles University),

» in English (panel 1, 3, 4, 5) & French (panel 2)

=> Read the complete program and the list of participants here.
Day 1, 8 December, 9:00-18:30
» Panel 1Intellectuals’ engagements and the transnational circulation of ideas
Link to the webinar here.
ID: 894 2626 2116
Code: 675678

» Panel 2 – Espaces intermédiaires et registres de mobilisation conservatrice (in French langage)
» Panel 3 – Late socialism and illiberal post-communism in perspective
Link to the webinar for panel 2 & 3 here.
ID: 883 8957 6654
Code: 784473
=> Download the abstracts here.
Day 2, 9 December, 9:00-13:30
» Panel 4 – Civil society and grassroots mobilizations
» Panel 5 – Legal order, moral order and illiberal identities within the conservative realm
Link to the webinar for panel 4 & 5 here.
=> Download the abstracts here.
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