The aim of financial support for projects solved within the European Space Agency (ESA) from SAS funds is to actively contribute to the inclusion of Slovakia among ESA member states in accordance with the signed “Agreement between the Government of the Slovak Republic and the European Space Agency concerning space cooperation for peaceful purposes” of 28.4.2010. The SAS supports those ESA projects in which the participation of beneficiaries from the SAS cannot be funded by ESA, nor is it funded from other sources. The institute applying for funding must prove that the project for which it is requesting funding was successful in the ESA evaluation and fill in the “Application for financial support of the MVTS project from the SAS funds for ESA research grant projects”, Documents tab (link).

The maximum financial support of the project is 20,000 EUR for one year of the research. The financial rules for awarding SAS grants for international research projects, accessible in the Documents tab (link), determine the rules for drawing financial support (grant) for SAS organisations for solving international research projects and the principles of grant management within the ESA programme.