International scientific and educational organisations


ALLEA – All European Academies is a European federation of academies of sciences and humanities, representing more than 50 academies from more than 40 European countries. Since its founding in 1994, ALLEA has spoken on behalf of its members on the European and international scene, highlighting science and facilitating cross-border scientific cooperation.

The Slovak Academy of Sciences is represented in ALLEA by a member of the SAS Presidium, Mgr. Michal Kšiňan, PhD.


EASAC – European Academies Science and Advisory Council is an independent scientific organisation made up of the scientific academies of the EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The Slovak Academy of Sciences is an active member of EASAC and is represented by a member of the SAS Presidium and a Vice President for Scientific Section 2, prof. RNDr. Karol Marhold, DrSc.

EASAC documents and publications


The International Science Council (ISC) is a non-governmental organisation with a unique global membership, bringing together more than 200 international scientific unions and associations, as well as national and regional scientific organisations, including academies and research councils. ISC was founded in 2018 by merging the International Council for Science (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC).

The SAS is represented in the ISC by the Vice President for International Relations, Mgr Zuzana Panczová, PhD.