Widening EJP RD JTC 2022

We would like to announce to you the opportunity to join consortia of projects (titles and abstracts are in the attached file) selected for the 2nd round of full proposals under the 4th joint call of the consortium European Joint Program on Rare Diseases (EJP RD Joint Transnational Call 2022) on the topic:

Development of new analytic tools and pathways to accelerate diagnosis and facilitate diagnostic monitoring of rare diseases“, published: SAV – Odbor medzinárodnej spolupráce – CALL OPEN – EJP RD JTC 2022

Official call website:  Joint Transnational Call 2022 – EJP RD – European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (ejprarediseases.org)

If you are interested in participating, please contact us, with your own abstract and key areas of research and CV. Subsequently, we will move your interest to the call secretariat for the selected project and project coordinators might be interested in expanding their consortium to include a Slovak partner.

The deadline for contacting us in case of your interest to join is 30.5.2022.

The deadline for the full proposal is 15.6.2022.


Ing. Silvia Kecerová, PhD.

T: +421 2 57510118

@: kecerova@up.upsav.sk