European Interest Group (EIG) CONCERT-Japan is an international initiative to support and develop scientific, technological and innovation cooperation between European countries and Japan, building on the successful ERA-Net Programme called “CONCERT-Japan” funded within the 7th EU Framework Programme in 2011-2014.

The EIG currently unites 14 permanent member organisations, including the SAS, and enables the acceptance of additional members in order to carry out specific activities – workshops, networking events, etc. The central activity of the initiative is the organisation of calls for multilateral research project proposals with the participation of partners from Japan and other participating countries. The product of these challenges ís multilateral research projects, the costs of which are covered by individual partners of the member organisation at the national or regional level from their own budget.

The application for EIG CONCERT-Japan calls is submitted jointly by the partners of the research consortium, all applications undergoing a single independent international evaluation. The grant agreement is then concluded by the individual project partners individually, each with the relevant member organisation in their own country. The SAS, as one of the financing organisations, pays the costs of the partner from the SAS from its own budget. The Presidium of SAS decides on the entry into individual calls.

Details and specifics concerning the method of submission of applications, evaluation criteria and financial model are regulated by each call separately.

Standard duration of the projects:

max. 3 years

Support amount

According to the conditions set out in the specific call. (Normally up to 120,000 EUR/project, of which 45,000 EUR/project represents a co-participation of the applicant SAS organisation.)

Thematic focus of projects

multidisciplinary, as specified in the call

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Current programme calls will be published in the News section.