SAS International Award

About the Prize

The Slovak Academy of Sciences annually awards the International SAS Prize. The Prize is awarded to a foreign national as a special expression of recognition for outstanding work in connection with Slovakia, always in one of the following fields: in the field of social sciences and culture, in the field of natural sciences and in the field of technical sciences. The proposal for the awarding of a Prize is submitted to the Scientific Council of SAS by the Jury for the award of the International SAS Prize based on the proposals from institutions or individuals working in the field of culture, science and technology. The Prize is awarded by the Scientific Council of SAS once a year on the Constitution Day of the Slovak Republic.

Overview of MC SAS Winners for the years 1997-2021

Natural Science

  • 1997
    Prof. Wolfgang Schaper (Germany)
  • 2000
    Dr. Giordano Cevolani (Italy)
  • 2003
    Prof. Ing. Ladislav Emanuel Roth (USA)
    Space research
  • 2006
    Prof. Josef Jiricny (Switzerland)
  • 2009
    Prof. Pawan Kumar Singal (Canada)
    Cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology
  • 2012
    Prof. Richard Kettmann (Belgium)
  • 2015
    Prof. Anthony J. Wilkinson (Great Britain)
    Molecular biology
  • 2019
    Prof. Mark Hillery (USA)
    Quantum physics

Society and culture sciences

  • 1998
    Prof. Mikuláš Luptáčik (Austria)
  • 2001
    Doc. PhDr. Vilém Prečan (Czech Republic)
  • 2004
    Prof. Dr. hab. Tadeusz Zasepa (Poland)
    Theology, pedagogy
  • 2007
    Prof. Akihiro Ishikawa (Japan)
  • 2010
    Prof. Milan Togner (Czech Republic)
    History of fine arts
  • 2013
    Prof. Emeritus Anthony-Emil N. Tachiaos (Greece)
    History, culture, church history
  • 2017
    Prof. Dr. hab. Joanna Goszczyńska (Poland)
    Literary science of Slavonic and Slovak studies
  • 2020
    Prof. Antoine Mares (France)
    History of Central Europe

Technical sciences

  • 1999
    Ing. Arch. Maria Ada Weberova & Ing. Arch. Marian Weber (Switzerland)
  • 2002
    Prof. Herbert Mang (Austria)
  • 2005
    Prof. Susan McKenna-Lawlor (Ireland)
    Space physics and technology
  • 2008
    Dr. Géza Konczos (Hungary)
  • 2011
    Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Techn. Hans-Peter Degischer (Austria)
    Materials research, physical metallurgy
  • 2014
    Prof. Dr. Ing. Pavel Cheben (Canada)
    Integrated optics, nanophotonics
  • 2018
    Prof. Michael John Reece (Great Britain)
    Modern ceramic materials
  • 2021
    Prof. YangQuan Chen (USA)
    Engineering, robotics, mechatronics